Saturday, November 5, 2011

What the Little Kids Know

When things get violent, the little kids are really quick about getting out of the house with me. They know Calliope is having a hard time being a listener and keeping calm. They know the police have to come and talk with her sometimes about being safe.
Now that Calliope is in the hospital, the kids ask about her, and I tell them the truth in very easy to swallow spoonfuls. I'll say that she's with the doctors, and they are taking care of her. She can come home when she's feeling well. But they don't ask much.
The kids have told me they are scared of Big Sissy and they don't want her to come home.

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  1. this makes me so incredibly sad for you. because i know you love all your kids equally even if Calliope is acting out and what not. Some of it isn't her fault. She's sick and it frustrates me that its so incredibly hard for you to get her the help she needs, because people don't understand. Hang tough sweetie. I love you.