Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Placements and shuffling

Calliope was taken by mental health crisis after another attack on me in front of all three little siblings. After being released, our hired driver took her to a residential treatment center. She was there for about two weeks when she got agitated, threatened staff, fought and injured a girl in the program, and she was taken by LA County Sheriff to another hospital run by the same company.
Today we wait for the phone call that she's discharged. They run a pretty shady operation, and we don't get much information about what they do or don't do at the hospital. I wish there was a better place, but there isn't.
Calliope has been accepted to a program about an 8-10 hour drive away from us. When she's discharged, she'll go straight to the new place. The part we are working on now is how to get her there. Do we risk safety by driving her ourselves? Do we pay a transport company $4000 to drive her? It's hard to predict her reaction to the news that she's going to another program, so I'm waiting on a call from the therapist or case manager at the hospital, and I'll break the news to Calliope while we are all on the phone.
Waiting sucks.