Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mean Girls and the Shit Storm

The Heather with the red scrunchy had been out of my thoughts for some time, maybe a couple years until last night. She had actively campaigned against me participating in the special needs forum of the website she commands. I was prevented from talking with moms in the know about IEPs and the school system lingo and processes because my child didn't fit her stereotype of autistic. Our family won't give up on a child and have worked through all challenges thrown at us and continue to work. Because I have so much to do every day, I can't waste my time on an influence that is so draining of my energy and emotion, so I don't do it.
But last night, I did. I read a news story about a motorcycle accident. I worry about an old neighbor because he rides, but it wasn't him. It was the husband of The Heather.
My heart and head were flooded with competing thoughts and strong feelings. I'm so sorry this man was hurt and hope he recovers and is able to see the hit and run driver go to prison. My husband doesn't ride a motorcycle or participate in activities likely to kill him, and that's a decision I am so happy with.
Although I have forgiven The Heather for what has past, I don't want to be involved in the SAVE THE HEATHER campaign. I wish them the best but cannot invest myself into that negative energy. Her minions have been whipped into a frenzy and have been attacking me personally; calling me names, belittling my sick child, accusing me of celebrating the accident.
The Internet troll became an Internet bully, and has targeted me and my family. Going out of your way to be mean to me can't be helpful to The Heather. Let me be.


  1. Ugh, Jeanne is no saint and I haven't fully forgiven her for how she deeply hurt me (yet). But she did not "actively campaigned against me participating in the special needs forum" It was the national organization's decision. It had NOTHING to do with "because my child didn't fit her stereotype of autistic" No, you NEVER used the word autistic. NEVER. That came later. At the time you had no other diagnosis than "gifted."

    I do, however have quite a lot more understanding for what your conversation with her was like and why you didn't feel that it was in anyway someone trying to help you.

  2. Christa, I'm sorry that some people have not grown up. As for the reply from 'Gina', what kind of 'national organization' chooses to exclude a parent/mother who has a special needs child. It is no ones flipping business what the diagnosis is for a child. It is the parents choice if they choose to share.

    Some people need to get a life and attend to their children rather than being nosey bodies with others.