Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Maybe I'm Grumpy

And so what?!

I don't sleep we'll when I do get to sleep.

Money is tight, so I don't get to do little things like a haircut or massage.

Even if we had money, I wouldn't be able to get away from kids and house responsibilities.

When I do all the work to find a sitter or sitters, it's because there is a meeting at the teen's school, or I have to take her to one of her doctors or therapists.

I feel like it's all for nothing because we aren't seeing any positive change.

My younger kids are paying a very high price for Big Sissy to stay so sick. I'm paying a high price; exhaustion and abuse are making me quite grumpy.

So, I'm grumpy and get grumpier when I hear ninnies preach about being a perfect parent and pass judgements on anyone who wasn't able to produce a perfect child.

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