Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Neurodiversity yells SHUT UP

The overwhelming message from the loudest neurodiversity folks is "shut up about how hard it is to raise your autistic child." 
I understand that autistic adults exist and have worth. I also empathize with their families that lived with the child and their challenges and did all they could to get through every day. 
When Shannon Rosa scolds me for being honest about the level of violence my child exhibits, I'm silenced. She unfollows me on twitter because I'm not supposed to share the shit that autism does to our family; it interferes with the neurodiversity brand. 
Their message is that autism is just a difference, a gift that kids are born with. That is not the reality for many families with a child on the autism spectrum. 
Parents can be seen as an obstacle to an item or activity the ASD child wants, and a physical attack or murder is the way to remove the obstacle. That's how things work when autism prevents a child from seeing people as people. 
With the data from 8 year olds showing 1 in 68 kids having an ASD diagnosis, we know that kids born today have an even higher risk than 10 or 20 years ago. Maybe if the reality of what autism can do to families, the pain it causes in the affected individual, the lack of real help and the reality of parenting an adult but dependant child, got out, people would hesitate to start a family. 
There's so much money to be made off sick kids that no one but humble and lowly families are willing to say it is hell in the trenches. 
Let's figure out what is causing the brain damage we call autism and stop making kids sick. 

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